Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Fur Babies

Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Fur Babies

Holidays bring families together to celebrate and that should include the furry and fluffy members of the family! There are many ways to include your pup in the winter festivities. In this article, we will break down some of our favorite ways to ensure your dog will partake in the holiday cheer.

1. Make Your Dog a Tasty Holiday Meal

Let’s face it; one of the best things about the winter holidays is the savory grub. Your pooch would certainly agree with this and appreciate their very own festive meal. Afterall, the holidays are the perfect time to spoil them with some dog-safe people-food. However, be weary of ingredients that are toxic for dogs before you serve them any homemade food.Treat them for dessert with one of our Sooper Treats! 

2. Host a Zoom Holiday Family + Pet Get Together

Even with quarantine limitations, there are still ways to see the family for the holidays. One way is to have all the family members (and their pets) join you on a Zoom call. Not only will the family get to enjoy each other’s company, but all the animals can say hello too! Consider spending dinner with the whole fam on Zoom, where everyone can share what they made for their holiday dinners and treats. The pets can show off their favorite gifts they received from Santa.

3. Take Holiday Pictures with Puppy

Holiday photos are a must and are the perfect excuse to (comfortably) dress up your doggo for the occasion! Find a Santa hat or an ugly sweater that doesn’t take away their precious, authentic panting grin and get them to sit still (somehow) for some snapshots with the family. It might take a few attempts, but the patience will be worth it when you get that perfect holiday photo to share with your friends and family.

4. Cuddle up and Binge Holiday Movies

Grab your favorite blanket, maybe some holiday cookies for you and Sooper Treats for Fido, and get comfy on the couch for a marathon of your favorite holiday specials. This is a perfect way to feel jolly for any family stuck at home during the quarantine.

5. Find a Doggy Santa Near You

Every year in December, the malls welcome Santa’s of all kinds to help spread Christmas cheer. There are even Santa's who visit that are just for dogs! Check your local pet stores to see if Santa is visiting any shops near you this year. It's an opportunity for your sweet pooch to tell him everything they want for Christmas! Most places offer photos for reasonable prices. If your area is under stricter quarantine rules, virtual photos with Santa are also available.

6. Go Christmas Caroling and Howling

Dogs love to sing along with their serenading humans! Even if you aren’t a fan of caroling on people’s doorsteps (and it might be best not to while COVID-19 is around), karaoke is still an option for home! Pop on your favorite holiday tunes and grab your hairbrush as a mic to share with your furry backup singer. Be sure to snag a video to share on social media, or just for the memory!

COVID-19 may have put limits on how many of us traditionally celebrate the holidays, but it doesn’t take away from our ability to share that festive energy with our furbabies. It’s a unique time to get creative and find ways to enjoy the last of 2020. Including your furry best friend will make it a fun and unforgettable experience no matter what! Have a happy holiday from us to you!

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