New Year’s Resolutions With Your Pet

New Year’s Resolutions With Your Pet

As 2020 comes to it’s last days, this is the time where most of us take the opportunity to reflect and set goals for ourselves in the coming months. Consider your pets while creating your resolutions! Just like humans, they benefit from improvements in their wellness routines, but they need our help to make resolutions of their own. Here are some of our New Year Resolution ideas that supports a happier and healthier year for your pet:

  1. Level up your Nutrition

Many of us resolve to eat more plant-based, whole foods vs processed and artificial foods. Our pets can benefit the very same. Cheaper foods can be tasty, but may not include ingredients that fully support their wellbeing long term. While upgrading what you’re putting in your body, look to upgrade what your pets are eating too. Quality ingredients matter! 

Even small changes can improve your pet’s day-to-day life. Try adding a puzzle feeder to your pet’s eating routine. “Puzzle toys increase your pet’s mental stimulation and daily life enrichment,” says Jessica Gore, CPDT-KA, a certified professional trainer in the Los Angeles area. “Simply switching up your meal delivery by using a puzzle feeder is a wonderful and easy way to improve your pet’s life and encourage good behavior.”

2. Expand your way of Exercising

After all the holiday celebration, it’s time to lock our exercise routine back in place. Have your pet join in with you to help you both stay accountable for maintaining healthy weight! Devote yourself to longer walks with your pet and take them out for hikes. Nature therapy is very beneficial for both humans and pets alike. Or, if your pets are strictly indoor, try lengthening playtime and find new ways to keep your pet stimulated--like teaching them a trick!

If you are already avid with your walks and hikes, take it to the next level by introducing your pet to agility training. “If your dog loves training and agility, take a few extra classes or try competition for the first time,” says Dr. Sara Ochoa, a veterinarian in Texas and a consultant for Dog Lab. “It’s a great way to spend time with your dog and help them be healthier and happier.”

3. Save Money for both Preventative and Emergency Care

It’s a perfect time of the year to reflect on savings for your pet’s medical care. It’s smart to keep enough money aside for medical emergencies, as those can come with quite the expenses (especially without pet health insurance). This can help avoid making important medical conditions based solely on costs. If we want to ensure the best care is always available for our furbabies, it’s essential to always plan for the unexpected.

4. Improve Dental Hygiene

As we can always improve how we care for our chompers, our pets can benefit from a regular brushing too! Poor dental care can cause many health problems. “Start by brushing your pet's teeth a few nights a week,” says JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM, who recommends working up to daily brushings.

There are those pets who, no matter what you do, will not let you brush their teeth. Fortunately, there are other dental care products that support a healthy mouth for your pet. For example, you could try a food and water additive like Pets Are Kids Too dental spray and water additive. You could also try dental chews for dogs and cats. Talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure which teeth-brushing alternative to try.

5. Adopt a new 4-legged Family Member

A fresh start can always include a fresh furry face! Consider adoption from your local shelter. There are also search resources online, such as, that can help you expand your search for your perfect companion.

The Sooper Treats Team wishes you the merriest of Paw-lidays and a New Year! Cheers to better health and happiness!

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